We’re cinephiles, no point trying to hide it. We're the type who get animated talking about sound design or some editing technique we noticed last night, especially if you've caught us as we're taking our coffee. We delight in great stories and characters, and we love nothing more than the moment when it dawns that yes, indeed, we're gonna pull off this difficult, technical, beautiful shot.

From a business standpoint, we are a documentary focused production company headquartered in Austin, TX, where we've been operating under the Dox moniker since 2015. In fact we've been working together much longer - our principals Alex Milan and Andrew Miller have been working together as an Editor and Cinematographer, respectively, since they met at UT back in the aughts.

We've come a long way since then, and please feel free to peruse the site and see what we've been up to. We owe much to the wisdom and generosity we've found within the film community here in Austin, and we enjoy passing that along wherever possible. Likewise, we are always in search of new projects and collaborators and friends. Don’t hesitate to reach out.